Performance,  2008

Helsinginkatu, Helsinki, 2008, as a part of Urban Pedestals, curated by Lotte Juul Petersen

Helsinkingkatu is the most notorious street in Finland, it’s the main street in a neighbourhood where prostitution is visible and winos hang out in the streets.

My contribution to an exhibition where artworks were installed all along Helsinginkatu was to live on the street for a week in my tired, but pretty looking camper (which I was living in anyway, on and off, at the time).

The media gave the performance some attention so I was able to publicly extend an invitation for people to drop in and have a chat. I had a few visits and people were very curious to know how it is to be on Helsinginkatu, which was in fact quite un-remarkable. I was parked next to a little park with a fountain where some winos would hang out on good days and we got along just fine.

Short interview in YLE

Helsingin Sanomat