Installation for X people

Installation,  2008

Some kids discover the work in gallery Koh-i-noor, Copenhagen, 2008
This installation is intended to be unexpectedly discovered. It is reset once a day which means that it can only be experienced by an X amount of lucky souls who get there first, the hope is that those viewers will enjoy the work all the more when they understand how exlusive it is.

Exhibited in-

Sequences, Reykjavík, 2008

Gallery Koh-i-noor, Copenhagen, 2008

EFA project space, New York, Never late than better, 2009, curated by Trong Nguyen

Below, the work as it was installed in Útúrdúr bookshop in Reykjavík, for Sequences 2008.

A sketch for the installation at the EFA

Installed at the EFA