Electro-acoustic string instruments , 2004-

Halldorophone#5. Based on a cello.


Halldorophone#6. Based on a simple harp.

Halldorophones are electro-acoustic string instruments in development by Halldór Úlfarsson.

The sound of Halldorophones is achieved by inducing feedback in a string instrument in a controlled way. The diagram below explains it simply -

The above is a very basic and known method to color sound and similar to, for example,  Jimi Hendrix ramming his Fender Stratocaster into the amplifier stack at woodstock or a guitarist using innovative gadgets such as the E-bow to feedback the strings magnetically. Halldorophones are unique for including a system for electro-acoustically feedbacking the strings and for having accurate controls to facilitate control and connectivity.

The first Halldorophones where modified acoustic guitars, here is a short  video showing the Halldorophone#1 in a performance with live video effects, Stockholm, 2004.

The Halldorophone#3 (below) was the first custom built instrument.

This instrument is owned by icelandic pop band múm

When it started to look like the Halldorophone could have a future as a musical instrument, certain considerations come into question- Tuning, timbre and playability to name a few.

In moving forward with the design I chose to base the Halldorophones on all the major characteristics of a cello.

Click on the image at right to see the Halldorophone#5 which is the first functioning “cello-based” instrument.

Or click below to see a recent video work which features the instrument being played.



Click to see sketches and shape studies for the cello inspired Halldorophone


Or see some more Halldorophones