About this website

This website was jumpstarted by seeing Eske Rex’s site which, in it’s simplicity, inspired me to finally figure out how to do this after at least two years of procrastinating about it (and much agonizing over said procrastionation).

Lots of thanks to my friend Finna who was kind enough to give good, constructive critcism about the look and flow of the site during the tender stages of development. She has just gone through the process of launching a great website with her design-collective Vík Prjónsdóttir.


This site is driven by -

Which is a great, relatively easy to learn, open source platform.


The layout is based on a theme by Upstart Blogger, which is in such mangled form here that I’ll excuse myself not to post the link on the frontpage.


Furthermore this site is tested on Firefox which is a great open source browser that I encourage anyone to use -

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Officially launched – 06.04.2010

During a residency at NKD, Norway